Question by h: Help with dog food (raw food/”home cooked” vs. Kibble)?
I will be getting a small breed dog soon and I have been doing some research on dog foods. I would like to do the “home cooked” or “raw” food diet but I would like some more information on this.

-what are some recipes?
-can this be frozen to be used later(could I make all the meals for the week and freeze them)?
-how much does this cost?
-how much time does this take per day?
-How much should I feed the dog (also include how many times a day I should feed…keep in mind it is a small dog I would be cooking for)
-Would a raw food diet be better? (reasons why/recipes for this)…I would imagine that uncooked chicken would be bad…?( i know dogs are animals but they’re also domesticated)

I’ve looked into different kibbles and decided that Blue Buffalo would probably be best as it seems healthy, had good reviews, and is available at my local pet store…but I’m unsure of this as I would imagine that the raw/home cooked diet would be best
So a few questions I have about this are…

-would it be good to mix both the blue buffalo and the home cooked diet together (how much should I give of each)?
-If I was unable to give the home cooked meal would the Blue buffalo be ok for the week?
-what are your experiences with Blue buffalo (for small breeds)?

I want to feed what’s best for my dog but I also cannot afford to spend 60 dollars on a bag of dog food that will last me a month. (I did the math and blue buffalo should last me around 2.5 months for 30 dollars….plus I can get a discount on the food)

Please let me know your experiences for both and help me make the right choice for my dog

Best answer:

Answer by Bells IS Suspended
Raw diet doesnt have recipies, per se.

You feed RAW meats…organs…etc. There are books on the subject and groups here on Y/A.

I personally do not feed Raw because I neither have the time or the knowledge to get into it. (Or the organizational skills required to make sure that there is raw meat ready on a daily basis for feedings).

I feed Wellness. Tried Blue Buffalo first, its a decent food, but didnt sit well with my dog.

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