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The Sarah Palin Chronicles

Image by stevegarfield
Satire written by "two HarperCollins editors, Bruce Nichols and Adam Bellow" in 7 days, and not “the editors of the Wasilla Iron Dog Gazette.”…


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cocker spaniel (6)

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Innocence Lost

Image by aloshbennett
Lost in our your jungle of job and career, racing time, you forget the simple pleasures of life. Like reading a book. Then comes a book that takes you back to the good old days and you realize all the years thats got behind you. It hits you hard.

Taken for Active Assignment Weekly – Time Passages.

Marley and Me is a sweet touching story of the author and his dog. If you have kept a dog in the past, you could read your story in the book.

What it took:
This is a single multiple exposure shot with a very short pit stops at the book and a long one on my keyboard.
Post processing: Pushed the levels to get the maximum dynamic range.

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