Question by Bob R: If dog likes to chew, go and buy him a … or “a raw turkey neck”. …?
I saw this answer on another dog thread, it was rated “Best Answer”. The whole paragraph…
“If he likes to chew, go and buy him a raw cow’s hoof, knuckle, or a raw turkey neck. This will give him the chew satisfaction as well as a nutritional supplement. ”

I would add pressed rawhide, especially for small pups; they can rip pieces of regular rawhide and choke.

But the “raw turkey neck” I had never heard of. Is that really true, if so, would frozen be ok? Better? I know chicken bones are not good because they can splinter.

I love to give my dog natural treats like hard boiled eggs, but a natural chew toy sound too good to be true!

Best answer:

Answer by landenjms
no dont give it to him it will split buy him rawhide bones or strips

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