Question by danalia.: “Tips” for “getting” the guy..?
My Bio: 16, F, Senior, Moving to AK from NY after graduation and some work – not much else planned but that, was thinking about joining Coast Guard to become Search & Rescue Dog “Handler”/Trainer and further career in dogs. Scorpio.
His Bio: 17, M, Senior, Going into Navy after graduation – he’s not questioning the decision at all. Sagittarius. [And God does he have gorgeous eyes.]

Obviously if you look at it in the astrology point of view we weren’t “made” for one another [who really talks like that, anyway?].
But if that’s the way you look at things – factor in that he was born the 22nd of Nov – making him that “middle” child if you will.

Either way, all of that aside.
I’ve known him for two weeks, but we hit it off instantly.
We met quite like a movie scene [in all seriousness, I don’t think of things like such (“movie scene”) at all unless I’m in a *very* happy mood]. With no words I grabbed a piece of cheese from in front of him, slabbed on two pickles and some condiments, and threw it on the burger across the station from me. It was while I was ever-so-carefully retreating my hand and straightening up that I gave a huge smile and I introduced myself while he was extremely amused and did the same.
After that we just hit it off. Within 20 minutes we knew each others birthdays, names, towns-of-living, previous homes, ages, future plans and past happenings.
And it kept going from there, it was never-ending talking, flirting, conversing, more flirting, compliments, sarcasm, more flirting, and *much* more sarcasm.
So his initial impression of me was a “fun-loving, funny, carefree, sarcastic” person [in his words, actually].

I almost died when he asked me today [after about 2 weeks of knowing each other] “you don’t seem like your normal self, what’s wrong”? Needless to say – I had an amazing excuse; I was at the ex’s all night. XD

He seemed to get a little defensive and brought up his girlfriend once or twice, his plans with her tonight; and I didn’t even care to fake enthusiasm – just told him to have a good evening with her and put more food in the broiler with a smile and a concentrated look.
THEN, he has to get the last comment of the day in by leaving quickly saying “I’ll miss you, see you at work tomorrow, don’t have too much fun at your Ex’s without thinking of me first” as he’s walking out the door.

ANYWAYS. Now that I got that out to someone [shhhh, it wasn’t *really* a rant, it’s critical!].

So. I now know that he gets a little defensive when I bring up my ex [even though he knows nothing about him? perhaps it’s an ego thing? i dunno], so I’m not entirely sure if I can use the “ex-boyfriend & I are friends”, etc. card. Nor the “I’m interested in this one guy” card.
So that kinda throws them out the window.
Any other tips for catching him in the net?
Obviously it takes time, and I’m not stupid about these things; so childish, immature, and even ignorant ideas will be swept under the floorboards for the next poor loser who finds them.

Tips? Ideas? Tricks? [Success Stories?]
Work, sorry. A tad vague on the *real* details. XD

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Answer by Nisha
just wondering…where did u guys meet again? LOL

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