Question by agilityteen: If A “Designer Dog” Was A Rescue Would You Rescue It???
Hello All!!!

I just had a quick question about designer dogs…

If you walked into a shelter and there were a bunch of “designer dogs” that needed rescueing would you walk right past their cages and not consider them because of them being “BYB dogs”? OR because you don’t want people to see that you have a designer dog even though it is a rescue???

The reason I ask this, is because I have heard of a lot people bad mouthing these dogs lately. I understand that if someone went and bought one from a breeder that they made a BIG mistake and supported something that I DO NOT support. BUT if you rescue a designer dog do you deserve to be picked at??? I was just curious, because I have had a few people email me some “not so nice things” about having a designer dog. My dog is a RESCUE. She was going to be put down in a week, and we couldn’t leave her.

So, if a shelter dog was a “maltipoo” a “morkie” a “goldendoodle” or a “puggle” would it stop you from rescueing it??? I hope not.
Thanks everybody for your answers! I was just curious to see where everyone stands. As I already said, I would NEVER buy a dog from a BYB. 3 out of my 4 dogs are rescues. My 4th was bought from a responsible breeder and is a conformation champion (finished him myself!).

I will answer all of the questions from people that want to breed their mutts the same way… GET IT FIXED!!! 🙂

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Answer by the awesome pug lover
yes no matter what i luv dogs!!

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