Maggie – A Rescue Dog’s Story

If you met our Maggie now you would be seeing a very different dog to the one we rescued from the RSPCA three years ago. Her energy and lust for life betray nothing of the fact that not long ago she lay depressed at the floor of a steel kennel, not growling or barking but just licking; endlessly cleaning fur and humbly licking affection from the wardens as they came and fed her.

We had always been a doggy family and since I was a young boy we have had some wonderful animals, a beautiful but unintelligent Golden Retriever, a small and a little too inbred Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and another dog we rescued who was remarkably intelligent. So bright was our rescue dog she could navigate herself three miles to my grandparents, a journey she had never been walked and only seen from a car window. And as much as we have loved all our dogs; Penny was our one in a million.

So, eventually we came to the stage where we lost our dogs. Penny was run over, the retriever died of a heart defect and Moppet, the cavalier lived the longest but died always pining for the loss of Penny. So we decided not to take on anymore dogs. But over the years the house seemed colder and less comforting when we entered; we grew fatter as we exercised less and meanwhile Maggie was lingering in a small kennel 15 miles from here.

My mum had been secretly been looking out for a new dog as my dad had decided he’d had enough dogs for one lifetime when one Saturday lunchtime the phone rang. “Right we’re, going to look at a dog”, she said just as he was sitting down to a cheese lunch. So he reluctantly climbed into the car and within the half hour they were at the local RSPCA centre.

“She’s so loving”, said a warden, “Let me get her”. Soon she was back and in her arms was a trembling black and tanned mongrel. She was handed to my mum and she looked down on her like she was a newly born babe, in return she got a pleading lick. At that was that, she was part of our family another rescue dog with a new loving home.

Since that day three years ago Maggie is a happy and beautiful girl, she adores children but fearful of some men. She’s very affectionate and we can never guess the circumstances of her early life but we know we wouldn’t be parted from her for the world.

Bringing up a rescue dog to being a confident and adoring pet has been so rewarding for us and other friends of mine. Come and check us out at

My names Sam and I’m 35, I am a great dog lover and owner of the site for dog lovers particular those who have rescue dogs. This is my first article on here, I’d be pleased for any feed back.

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