Dog Training: Basic Dog Training Equipment

Training your dog is a difficult undertaking. This also strengthens the bond between you-the owner and your dog. It is advisable to start training them in early, between six-eight weeks of their age. In training the dog, you will need basic dog training equipment to aid you. There is a large selection of training aids for professional and amateur that is available in the market these days. Depending on the type of training that you want to teach your dog, you should use the corresponding equipment for the training.

Basically in training your dog, you will need a collar and leash which is essential in most type of training. Dog collars come in different styles that are designed for specific purposes. There’s the buckle collar, prong collar and electronic dog collar. Buckle collar is used for walking your dog. A prong collar also called pinch collar is a series of chain links turned towards the dog’s neck so that, when the collar is tightened, it pinches the naturally loose skin around the dog’s neck. This type of collar can help you train an uncooperative dog. Electronic dog collars are used for controlling your dogs excessive barking or used for invisible fencing.

One of the dog training equipment that you will need in basic dog training is the leash. Like dog collars, leashes also come on different varieties designed to serve specific purpose, there’s the standard leash and nylon show leads. Standard leashes are use for any training. It is usually made of materials such as nylon, leather or chain. A leash should match the dog’s size, weight and breed. Dogs tend to bite the leash so it is recommended to use a sturdy leash. Make sure to check the leash from wear and tear. In walking your dog, keep the leash loose, this way you can avoid the tendency for your dog to pull.

A reward such as praise and treats on positive response of your dog on the training will reinforce a positive behavior. Be consistent and patient in training your dog, this way you and your dog will both enjoy the training.

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