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Question by Sir Hoochalot: DS: What do you think they would teach at “dog school”?
Ok, this is going to be a very silly question and is not to be taken seriously ok? If you can’t have a laugh over something ridiculous, I suggest you click away from this page now.

Me and my friend were just imaging that if dogs went to a school just for dogs, what they’d teach there. So far our best ones are “Barkenomics”, “Advanced Licking”, “Sniffology” and “Intermediate Peeing”.

Any others?
Be as imaginative as you can. It’s 3.15am and I’m still all pepped up!

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Answer by Ben
well at my dog school we would teach dicipline and how a golfclub feels and how to fly it is just an all around dog heaven. plus we don’t even fataly injure the dog ohhh its so great

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