Dog Vaccines – Understanding The Importance Of Vaccinations!

The importance of vaccinating your dog can never be overstated since it is very necessary to keep the dog alive. For without proper vaccinations the dog will die. Just like a new baby needs all the necessary immunizations to guarantee a proper health condition, your little pippy will also need the care of regular vaccination to keep it healthy and strong. Even if it is painful, causing the dog to scream and cry in pain, do not avoid it because it is the secret to a healthy dog’s life.

These vaccines are small fractions of a disease given to the dog to avoid the infection of that disease in the future. This is one of teh necessary things a dog owner should give the dog, as stipulated by the national health department.

There arw only two types of vaccinations for dogs, Killed and live vacines are their names. The version of teh live vaccine available presently is teh modified live vaccines, in this case the live vaccination has been modified so that the little portion of teh disease injected into the dog’s body will not cause harm but actually do the good it is supposed to do, by protecting and not causing the sickness it was supposed to avoid.

Killed vaccination kills the disease in it , prior to the injection of teh vaccines. The reason for giving dogs these vaccines is to alert the immune sytem of the different types of diseases, so that the dog can develop immunity to these diseases and can never be affected by them in the future. This occurs by the production of antibodies in the blood system to fight against the onslaught of these diseases if they occur. It is very important for dog owners to visit the Vet clinic regularly for vaccinations, since each vaccine given protects the dog for just one year at most.

The frequent vaccinations of dogs are very important, since it protects and prevents awful diseases like, rabies, infectious Hepatitis, Canine Distemper, Corona Virus etc. from affecting the dog. The Canine Distemper is a disease that is capable of paralysing the nervous system of the dog, this is the work of the canine virus. The disease destroys about fifty percent of dogs suffering from it, with its main targets set on dogs between the middle ages. It does not affect old dogs or puppies at all.

The very popular rabies vaccines are another type of vaccines a dog owner should give to the dog. If the rabies disease is not treated in the dog it can be transferred to human beings through dog bites or saliva.The major characteristics behaviour of the sufferer of rabies is an over activeness, excess saliva output and uncontrolled behaviour.

hepatitis vaccine, unlike that of human beings is another important vaccination for dogs. It is a lethal disease that can cause death, so the vacines should not be missed. This disease is transferred through stool, urine and saliva from one dog o another, it does not affect human beings, but can affect any dog at all, regardless of its age.

Corona virus is a disease that can be transferred fom one puppy to another through feces, it is a disease that can only infect a puppy, so, older dogs are free from this disease. A vaccine is given to prevent this disease and it is also wise to stop your dogs from eating the feces of others.

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