Question by Fallgal: Definition of “crate training”?
When it is said that a dog is “crate trained” what exactly does it mean? Does it mean the crate was used for overnight potty training, as a puppy or does it mean that the dog will go to his/her crate on command throughout his/her life?
I am asking because my husband was told (by the shelter) that our newly adopted dog was “crate trained” and I just wanted to know what most people thought the extent of that definition included. I have owned dogs, but never crate trained and know they need exercise, etc. and shouldn’t be kept in the crate for long periods of time. The dog is one year old, by the way.

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Answer by hazeyoutside
simple, you keep your pet confined to a small space where that cant get themselves into a lot of trouble why no one is watchin them. they get used to it and it keeps them from crapping all over the house….you need to provide them with lots of exercise and regular scheduled feedings and outside times

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