Question by spj: Wellness and Evo brands good for my cats health?
I have a 12 months old female and a 2-3 years old male cat; I’m currently feeding them Wellness vet food (1/2 can per day each cat) plus some dry, between meals, Evo brand with real chicken (1/4 cup per day each cat); the vet recommended me “Only Science Diet” for the male in order to keep his urinary tract healthy. Why are vet not very educated about “natural cat/dog food”? Seems to me they just want to sell you big brands full of fillers , meat-by-product and other bad stuff….Anyway, am I feeding my cats with the right food? Is the amount ok? P.S.: I brush my cats teeth every night or so, because I know that vet food may cause problems…
Please help, thank you!

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Answer by J C
You are doing right by your cats, and current studies show that dry food is a major contributor towards diabetes, obesity, urinary tract disorders, and kidney disease. Not all vets have furthered their education in nutrition beyond what they were taught in vet school. I convinced my vet years ago (or helped to) that the better brands were the way to go. I took in a bag and can of the Wellness, and had her read the ingredients. I also had grabbed a bag of the Science Diet from the waiting room. She was speechless for a moment, and then thanked me for pointing it out to her. She has since attended a number of seminars on feline nutrition, and now recommends an all-canned, high-quality protein (meaning no by-products) diet for all her feline patience. The ever-present Science Diet is still in the waiting room, but it’s no longer “pushed” like it was.

If your cats are at a good weight, then you are feeding the appropriate amount. Each cat is different, so there is no real rule about what’s the right amount. They will eat less of a premium food than a junk one though, so the smaller amount of the dry especially is to be expected.

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