Question by Anna L: Do you need a license to train basic dog obedience…?
Do you need a license to train basic dog obedience skills in Utah? I’m 14 and I love, i mean I absolutely LOVE, to work with dogs and train them.
Thing is, I want to earn money to adopt this dog, she herself is free but my parents don’t have the money but say if they did we would take her in. I need a way to earn money and dog training popped into my head at once.
The only problem is:
Do I need a license to teach basic dog obedience?
If so how do I get one?
If not, do you have any business names?
I need something along the lines of… Well anything that goes with training dogs. I want it to be some thing that will catch their eyes though, not just “anna’s dog obedience classes…”
I’m going to do one on one training with the dog also, so…
If you think I should not do this or I am legally, to young to achieve this, what else could I do?
I can’t walk dogs because everyone around here just lets their dogs roam loose anyways so it would make no difference.

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Answer by ♥Love Herds♥
You need to decide whether you want to start a business, or just make some money. You could simply advertise yourself on billboards, etc, like people do for, say–Piano Lessons.

There are many ways to license yourself as a trainer, but you’re too young.

I wouldn’t “name” your business, since you don’t have a business license.

Just remember to think small, and start small, so you don’t get overwhelmed.

Technically, I think selling lemonade is illegal…

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