Question by kelly: Fleas fleas fleas !!!!?
My dog has fleas and they recently started biting me!! they itch like mosquito bites all over my arms, my legs, & my back. I hate it so much!! My dog is being treated for them but how can I stop them from biting me?

please i dont want stupid answers like “u need flea meds”.
im serious !!!

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Answer by independent101
If you use dryer sheets, you can rub them on your arms and legs and it repels the fleas.

You can also put the sheets in areas where you sit.

The sheets also repel mosquitoes and other bugs. I always stick them in my pockets and in my hat when I’m outdoors.

Also, vaccum your floor every day. Be sure to empty the vaccum bag, or empty the bagless container into a bag and throw the bag away outside.

Good luck

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