Question by What du talkin bout Willis: Do you feel weary about adopting shelter dogs not knowing the truth about their background?
I know people like to preach on here about “adopt a shelter dog” “rescue a dog” “there are so many dogs in shelters” but would they and would you really adopt a dog that you know nothing about other than what you are told which may be a complete lie or would you rather buy a puppy that you know is from a good breeder with parents you can actually see?
I got my purebred from a breeder and am happy that he does not have any genetic defects because I know his parents were health tested. Unfortunately shelter dogs and rescue dogs are often puppymill dogs… direct from the puppymill or dogs from pet stores. That’s why I wouldn’t want a shelter dog or rescue dog

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Answer by hudsongray
I’ve adopted three animals from the shelter in 15 years and never knew their background. They were just fine. The one we suspected of being abused (her actions clearly said she was dropped when carried, and struck by long thin things since she was ultra wary of the end of the broom and wood dowels I use in crafting) we were patient with and she adjusted her behavior as she learned to trust us.

I have no qualms about adopting a special needs pet, even one that is older. I guess it depends on the person, hey?

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