Canine Health Through Pet Nutrition

Pet nutrition is very important to maintain your dog’s canine health, happiness and long life. The use of dog supplements is also a primordial step to obtain and sustain this goal. Your beloved pet should be happy and healthy and always be an active member in the household. Man’s best friend deserves the best care and attention and should be considered as part of the family.  

There is some information that can help when taking care of his nutrition and general wellness. Plenty of pet care supplies and dog vitamins are available online or at your local pet store. The trick is not to get confuse by maintaining a clear mind when taking a decision. Before choosing the best dog supplements a little research should be done. Not always the most expensive are the best ones, nor are the cheaper ones that consist mostly of poor ingredients and fills. 

It is reasonable to take into account the age and the weight of your dog. Like with humans there is an obvious difference in the feeding procedures between a baby and an adult. Older and bigger dogs should be kept separate in your mind from puppies and smaller dogs when taking care of their general canine health. It is a proven fact that both groups don’t have equal metabolisms due to the difference in age and body weight, and that this difference even creates a physiologic consequence.  

The breed of a dog can’t be overlooked since it will make quite a difference, not only in their behavior, but more important for this example, in their body mass and weight. It’s only commonsense that the feeding necessities and habits of a St. Bernard or a Great Dane are not the same as that of a Chihuahua or a Pomeranian. It could be surprising to some people to know that while a real big dog weighing around 100 pounds will consume on a daily basis more or less 23 calories per pound of its body weight to maintain proper canine health, a real small dog weighing ten times less, around 10 pounds, will need to consume double the amount of calories, around 47 calories per pound of body weight.  

When you own small sized dogs, digestibility becomes a factor that determines how much of the nutrients are absorbed. A properly devised diet with dog vitamins and highly digestive nutrients should form the base for optimal natural balance dog food.  

Puppies differ from adult dogs that they need more than twice the food per pound of weight. Until the age of six months they require to be fed on a consistent manner, regularly three or four times a day. This frequency will guarantee that the proper level of energy is present. 

A puppy’s diet should always include a big dose of highly digestible rich nutrients, together with the adequate amounts of calcium and phosphorous. Pet nutrition products with premium quality protein have to be used to develop healthy grow with lean muscles and strong bones.  

Certain amount of fat is totally normal, and ought to be present in a dog’s diet. Just combine it with the appropriate proteins, carbohydrates, and lots of clean water for its daily needs.  

Pet nutrition for dogs must also consist of various minerals and dog vitamins in an equitable form. The proportions should be accurate so that they do not hinder with each other in your dogs system. This would provide maximum benefit to you dog. If the dog supplements proportion consists of one ingredient in overdose and the other in lower doses, it could have an adverse affect on his canine health

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