What Pet Owners Should Know About Sacramento Dog Training Specialists

What is dog psychology? It’s an innovative new method of dog obedience training in which you do not merely train the dog based on obedience alone but also train it to decide for itself what is right and wrong to do. The “balance” found in this style of dog behavior training is both towards using force and not using force to educate your dog. You must look at your canine companion as something you are “raising” not dog training. In Sacramento, Dog Psychology is launching off the ground with a lot of dog behavioral consultation centers and dog behavioral needs centers springing up to help troubled dog owners in raising their dogs. If your dog is a handful and you’re done using traditional dog training methods to educate your canine, then why not try a different approach to teaching your dogs without the physical nudges to get it going. The new technique of handling your canine’s behavioral needs through “Dog Psychology” is a new breakthrough system of re-educating your dog with actual intelligence rather than simple tricks-on-command. What many don’t know are hounds (hunting dogs) having a trait these show dogs do not; creativity. This certain instinct is brought out from within the blood as all Dogs are from the wolf family and hunting is part of their true life cycle, it is with this concept that Dog Psychology birthed the “Pack Leader” idea of training dogs for their canine behavioral needs.

Usually we have problems with training our canine companions that we suffer behavioral troubles which could range from aggressiveness towards other dogs to simply not listening to us. What is happening in Sacramento concerning Dog Psychology is the way it goes with the dog’s instincts rather than enforce them with the usual dog trainer style of treats and punishments. In Dog Psychology, there is the “Pack Leader” concept that teaches people of how dogs still have their old lupine mentality where they have the alpha male or in dog’s cases – alpha-female. Dog’s first influential role model where all authority runs through is none other than their mothers which is what the trainers try to emulate and instill into these dogs; that they are the mother. Rather than forcing dogs to eat or move when commanded, dog psychology teaches them how to think and be creative as well as educate them “when” to sit as if by preference. It brings out the problem solving capabilities of the canines that have behavioral needs and is a useful concept in dog obedience training, without the solid commands. Canine Psychology in Sacramento Dog Training is being closely observed and practiced, using a slightly spiritual addition to the purely scientific concept by stating the dogs needing behavioral consultations need to borrow the positive energies from their role models to “balance” their energies inside. Sacramento is ushering the new age of dog obedience training with this very innovative style of approaching dogs – Dog Psychology.

Dog Whispering is a process of playing a parent role with your dog and slowly teaching it how to move in accordance to what you teach it right and wrong such as not to sit on the couch in the living room. Dog psychology is one of the revolutionary concepts driving the canine behavioral training society away from the classical dog training methods used to give commands to dogs alongside rewarding treats or punishments, this method puts you in the controlling region of dog training through a life-long application of dominance and authority as the pack leader without even one punishment. The step to gaining this title in your household begins in a staring contest: you and your dog. The point of this whole rite of passage is to solidify your position and place with your dog as the alpha-dog   of the household and this could be a scary experience at first but it will always boil down to one thing, who is boss. The game is to not back down, stand your ground no matter what it does then when it finally looks away; it acknowledges you as the pack leader. 

Blair diamond is a dog behavior consultant in Sacramento who employs Dog Psychology into his training methods to teach dog owners as well as dogs of how the “pack leader” concept works. He is part of the International Association of Canine Professionals where he vigilantly stands up for dog rights in all aspects. He is renowned for providing excellent Sacramento Dog Training services.

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