Question by I’z smore smrter than you is: Should you use a “shock collar” on a puppy?
I say no way…and have been disturbed by this trainer/breeder I found on good ole’ youtube as I was looking for trick to teach my dogs.

I made some comment on her videos and she deleted them and emailed me how stupid I was that it fine to zapp a dog of any age and blocked me so I can’t even reply.

But here is the link to her putting a shock collar on a 4 month old boxer pup. Though, I think she only uses the vibrate function here.

Here she tries to justify it by saying the dog isn’t shocked…its a nick or muscle contraction

Is it me or does she need a ‘nick’?

zapping another dog here

brings a dog to petsmart an zapps it a few times when it doesn’t respond fast enough to the pager function

It just makes me so mad…these things do have some place in training…but people like this are the make me hate that anyone can get their hands on these things and fry a dog into submission rather than train it.

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Answer by Reece Braveheart Aussies
Shock collars on puppies is very stupid, it’s not training. It’s abusive.

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