Dog Stairs Don’t Have To Be Expensive

It’s no surprise with the financial crunch we’re all living in, that many of us pet owners are on the hunt for cheaper pet accessories. When hunting for cheap dog steps, we have two options, which are to buy them or make them ourselves.

Dog steps can seem like a luxury when money is short. However, the advantage to dog steps is that they enable dogs with special needs to get to places where their humans live.

Dog steps can be a vital assistance to smaller breeds of dogs, such as teacup poodles, Chihuahuas, Pekineses, and other similar breeds. They can actually fracture or full-out break their legs by jumping from high furniture such as beds or sofas. Think of how costly it would be to take your dog to the vet to treat a broken leg, not to mention the heartache it can cause by knowing it could be prevented.

Older dogs with arthritis or larger dogs with conditions such as hip displacement also benefit from dog steps suitable for their size and weight. The trick to buying cheap dog steps is to know what size and materials are right for your dog.

You can easily purchase an inexpensive set of pet stairs for around , which are usually made from foam and covered in carpet of a similar substance. These can be purchased online or at some retail shops.

Those with a knack for hobby projects may want to try building cheap dog steps. Once again, most of these projects are made from foam and covered with carpet or other suitable fabric. One pet owner even reported he covered his dog’s homemade steps with artificial turf. However, this can be expensive depending on the materials you use for the dog stairs.

Whether you buy your dog steps or make them yourself, one very important thing you will need to take into consideration is the size of your dog. If you have a large dog, he will require steps that are at least 16 inches wide. Medium-sized dogs (around 35 pounds) need a maximum step width of 14 inches, and for smaller dogs the step width should be no more than about 12 inches.

Height is also a factor. Dog steps work inversely according to your dog’s size. That means that smaller dogs may need higher steps, while larger dogs can ascend with shorter steps.

Last but not least, no matter where you get your dog stairs from, but sure that they are made of durable materials that will withstand the weight of your dog. You can easily check the weight restrictions on the stair’s packaging or on the website you wish to buy the stairs from. For more durable materials such as mahogany, you can expect that the price will go up quite a bit.

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