Question by Nutsack Nunya: Would you smack a stranger dog on the street for stealing from her hand your daughters cookie?
Some old hag was walking her dog this morning and the sidewalk was to narrow at one spot for us both to walk down due to a flower display by one of the shops on the street. So I stopped, moved my stroller to the side and waited for her to slowly make her way down and then pass me. Instead of walking past me she stopped in front of me and said “Am I holding you up?”…”It’s too narrow for us both, no problem though”, I said with a smile. She kept standing there, looking down toward her dog. My daughter likes dogs but she doesn’t like a big dog right in her face and was making that fact quite clear. I said, “Kay! she doesn’t like that, EXCUSE me!” As I was saying that her dog took from my daughters hand her cookie, so I smacked it right on the nose and said NO!. The woman lost her cool and said she ought smack my daughter because her dog is her babby blah blah blah. “How would you like it” she said.
What would you have done?

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Answer by safari
i would have done the same thing dont worry

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