Question by WeasleyGirl: I have a dog with “seizures”?
Hi. I have a four-year old, female pomeranian dog. Every once in a while, she hits her head on something and has something like a seizure. I don’t think it’s a real seizure because she seems aware of everything around her and she doesn’t drool or anything like that. She just shakes and can’t get up for a little bit. We just leave her alone and after about 7-10 minutes she’s perfectly fine again. This has only happened about three times, and it only happens when she hits her head. After these experiences she’s just like she was before. My mom has been working with pomeranians for about 10 years and she keeps telling me she’s fine and doesn’t need any medication or anything. Can someone please help me? Does this happen just because she hit her head or is there an illness behind this? Please help. I love my dog so much and I don’t want anything to happen to her.

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Answer by Deb C
does she have an open fontanel?(soft spot that never closed on top of her skull?) You should definitley talk to your vet about this behavior because it is not normal by any strecth of the imagination.

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