Gourmet Dog Treats Make a Party Complete

A party can never be complete without the gourmet dog treats which is a favorite of all the pets. These dog treats are smart cookies for pets which are designed as well as nicely flavored. The expert chefs have done a lot of testing and experiments to bake such delicious cookies for dogs. The ingredients are also selected keeping into mind the taste and preferences of the pet. These gourmet dog treats are also very healthy to eat as they are baked evenly for your pets to relish every single piece to the best. The main ingredients include wheat flour, honey, vanilla, as well as other flavors like strawberry, chocolate, beef, peanuts, etc. They are truly tempting not even for the pets but also for you as you open the box. The gourmet dog treats are nicely packed in a transparent sealed box so that the freshness can be reserved. The presentation of the treats for your pet is very good and tempting.

As the constituents of the dog treats are very generic they can also be given to your pet in extra doses. The gourmet dog treats are nicely shaped as a ghost, a bone shaped which is loved by your pet in every respect. A box of these treats is full of assorted pieces of cookies in every shape and flavor. This is also a nice way to teach your pet about shapes and bring awareness about flavor to them. As soon as they identify the correct shape of cookie called by you they can be treated with one of those treats. This will encourage your pet to learn more and become a smart pet. The gourmet dog treats are thus a nice way to reward your pet for all the good activities done by them. Whenever you plan a party for your pet and his friends a set of gourmet dog treats is no doubt a sure selection in the menu list. These treats are available with special dips of yogurt and cream on the top and plain at the bottom.

The extra topping of the dip makes the cookies further tasty for your pets. The treats are packed in special reusable cups so that once finished with the food the cups can be used otherwise. The gourmet dog treats also makes a good piece to gift others or even your own pet. They can be given as present at birthday parties or other get together also. Sometimes when you gift your pet with something that smells awesome he will surely love you for the tasty gift. These treats are not only good to look at but also yummy to eat but of course for your pet. The gourmet dog treats are mostly hand baked so that they can be kept fresh for a very long time at every weather conditions. With time there is more and more assortment getting added so that a wide range of flavors are available to keep your pet happy every time they have a treat. Also the dog treats can be consumed by all ages of pets as far as they can chew them. So a new born pup can also have a treat along with his or her mother who has already been relishing over it for a long time.

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These Act Natural Gourmet treats are a cool looking and dependable 100% Australian premium health treat for all breeds of dogs easy to use and as you can see in the video, really good for interaction and training. AN video dogs and members are from the South Australian Dog Obedience Club in the Adelaide parklands, a wonderful organization catering for many happy participants at all levels during its 50 year history. Dr John Katakasi is a practicing veterinarian also Adelaide based and believe me all those puppies are his! On our label the popular Australian Cattle dog was chosen rather than a stock image to represent the Act Natural Australian products as an Australian icon brand in international markets for easy recognition by new customers. Pet owners are genuinely concerned about the quality, contents and origin of the foods and treats they are feeding their pets Act Natural Gourmet are recommended by vets and professionals in Australia and New Zealand. Finally check your label no matter what brand you choose – natural pet foods and treats should have ingredients contents and origin fully listed starting with a decent level of lean quality meat, the first five ingredients make up the majority of the product. NOTE many use cereals and vegetable oils to raise nutritional levels.
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