Check out these dog shop images:

This is obviously just me, but it seems like such a pain in the ass to carry around a dog all day when you’re trying to shop.

Image by Malingering
You would have one arm tied up the whole time, and you can’t go into food establishments, not to mention the din that occurs whenever your dog sees another dog. Then there’s the whole potty training issue. Sure, I would love to take Milo and Zumi with me everywhere I go, but they don’t really like being hauled around like a hand purse and I can’t say I would like doing the hauling very much. I am a selfish cat lady.

Do they allow dogs in dressing rooms? Serious question.

dog shop (1 of 1)

Image by Lucky Dog Animal Rescue

the dog shop

Image by ElBroka bicicletea por Auckland
en te kuiti… un pueblito cerca de taupo.

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