Question by Dev: What is the best dog food to feed a 2 1/2 year old male German Shepherd?
My GSD is a VERY active boy. He runs in my field litterally nonstop for hours. He is absolutely the strongest, smartest, and well behaved dog I have had in my life. But because he is so active, he burns a LOT of calories, and needs a high protein and high fat food.

I know, the best thing to feed your dog is real “people-food” from the store, but I am 19 years old and going to college full time, and I cannot afford to feed my dog what I feed myself.

He had lost some weight a couple of months ago, as I was feeding him simple large breed purina. I have since upgraded to the food I thought was the best for sale inside Petsmart. He is currently eating Royal Canin German Shepherd Formula, and this is maintaining his weight pretty well, but he could be a little fatter. (He is very lean.) I occasionally sprinkle some parmesan cheese, or raw egg on his food for flavor and good measure, although he has no problem eating the food as is. Is there a better dog food than Royal Canin?

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Answer by Megz
I have really active dogs as well. I feed them Orijen 6 Fresh Fish….its a high-protein grainless food. They do really well on it. It is one of the more expensive foods….but most quality foods are pricey these days.

Innova EVO is a great choice too. They use high quality ingredients and its also grainless.

Canidae is another great option….definitely better than Royal Canin (but still reasonably priced in comparison to other foods.)

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