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Seen a dog you like to buy online? Before you fall in love with your new found friend, discover, the basic principles you have to know in order not to fall for the dog breeder scams online.

Primarily, according to recent reports in America, more than 180,000 puppies were bought online. However, many people who experienced this have had negative results, to say the least, through lack of information. I would advise you to read this article in its entirety, in order to avoid this happening to you.

I must admit this figure at first I found staggering however, after considering how much we have come to rely on online shopping, this is obviously an upward trend.

Most goods bought online are information products. However, there are many physical goods purchased as well. The results are fairly positive in respect, if the goods don’t arrive in good condition you can return them right? Or get a refund or a replacement.

On the other hand, buying a dog, or a puppy, online are poles apart for example: You can’t send the dog, or puppy, back and expect a replacement. That would be pretty cruel right?

If the dog arrives in bad health it then becomes your responsibility. In many situations the dog has never arrived let alone happy and healthy. What do you need to do to ensure this never happens to you?

Let’s not be too negative with regard to buying a dog online. There are many very legitimate dog breeders that provide a very good service; nevertheless, there are many fraudsters as well.

Grab a pen and paper and take notes, or copy and paste the information below for future reference.

Contact details of a breeder selling the dogs online are really important. Make sure they have a phone number where you can speak to them. Many people hide behind web sites, and things are not always as they seem, dial the number, for your own peace of mind.

Confirm they are who they claim to be. It’s so easy to find out, conduct searches online, use the breeders name, is one suggestion.

Furthermore, find people that have experience with this dog breeder. Get their contact details if possible, usually people that have a good experience are more than pleased to share positive results.

Health guarantees, and a health certificate from a vet are critical. This will ensure the dog has received all the appropriate vaccinations when they are needed. Furthermore, contact the vet that issued this information.”

This essential information without it I would be reluctant to do business with these people.

A further check, you may like to carry out would be to the BBB. The better business bureau in the area you live. Check to see if there have been any problems reported with regard to this dog breeder.

I may be old fashioned but, I like to see what I am buying. If you are able pay a visit to the breeder, in my opinion that would be the safest option if possible.

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