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People all around the world are determined to live a healthier life through exercise and by having proper nutritious food. But as we take care of our own health we should not forget to be conscious for the health of our pets too. Many companies have produced special food for fat, older or active dogs, but still they do not meet the proper requirement for the pet’s health.

Organic or natural food is something you should be aware of if you seriously want to take care of your pet’s health. AAFCO defines super premium food as those pet foods which contain no harmful ingredients, no useless fats color, flavor etc. It should contain proper amount of carbohydrate, protein, vitamin and other elements which help dogs to stay healthy.

According to the Animal Protection Institute, the protein that the dog requires comes from poultry, cattle, fish lambs and other animals which include almost half of the lungs, intestine and bones that are eatable by dogs.

Many grain products for dogs contain corn and other grains in the list. The main problem with grain products food for dogs is that it is less digestible.  It is seen that 20% of nutritional value of grains is lost once they enter the body. Products like peanuts hulls have no nutritional value but they are a cheap form of fiber. Low quality of food grains can harm your pet’s skin and may cause cancer or allergies. The grains used for pets can even be contaminated. If the food contains high toxin, then your pet may suffer from vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite or weight loss, liver damage or even death.

Super Premium dog foods contain improved and better quality ingredients which are produced by top brands.  Most brands do not use synthetic preservatives but use more of vitamin C or E. Super Premiums foods are costly in comparison to other food products, but it is even true that they are highly nutritious and helpful for your pet’s health.

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