Question by ღJenniferღ: How often can I give my dog medicine?
My vet has given me medications to give my dog, but currently, my poor dog, Spike is sick ALOT. So he has 4 medications to take. I gave him the anti-biotic at 5:20 this afternoon, is it safe to now give him the other medicine, [ it is not an anti-biotic] bear in mind, this is a “steroid medicine”, for the itchy-ness.

Question Again: Is it safe to give him his medicine now?
Sarah: Yes! It is presidone 🙂
The 2nd Med is Cephexia

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Answer by sarah
I am assuming it is prednisone. I don’t see why you would have to separate them at all, but I would contact your vet to find out if there is a time frame for each individual medication.

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