Question by kill your television: mixing flea meds?
i recently took my dog to the groomers. his coat is quite thick and he has a bad flea problem. the owner of the pet salon said hed give the dog a flea med for like 12 bucks or so, and that the fleas would die when they bite.

so its been a week and the fleas are still there. they said to come back for more grooming and meds in a month, but i want to give my dog a flea bath right now. im going to call the groomer tomorrow and ask if flea shampoo conflicts with the med in any way, but i think hes just going to try to sell me more of his stuff(he never said what it was).

so my question is: do you think it’ll be ok to use flea shampoo on my dog, even though he supposedly has meds “in his blood”???

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Answer by DogLoverinDenver
Go to your vet and ask them for a topical flea treatment such as Frontline, Promeris etc.

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