Question by ★★BZR★★: How hard is it to train a 4 month old pup to be a “hearing dog”???
Sometimes I like to occasionally browse through various craig’s list pet sections just to look at the read and look at the ‘free’ puppies and dogs that some people give away for no good reasons.

I see this person that is hearing impaired that wants to get rid of a 4 month old standard poodle puppy for not being calm!!

All puppies are hyper and love to play, I don’t think thats a good reason to give up on a puppy so soon.

Its it ‘smart’ of this person to attempt to train this puppy at home?

I thought that people that need hearing dogs can just get one from organizations that specially train puppies for this job, and the hearing impaired person gets the dog through medical insurance or something like that.

I think that she should get this puppy spayed first before she tries to get rid of her, so she won’t be used and a breeding dog, with a Labrador or whatever, so some byb can make ‘designer oodle’ puppies.

although, isn’t it bad to spay a puppy at four months though?
I feel so sad/worried for this puppy’s future. T:(
Shay R: Its wrong to breed mutts when there are tons and tons of ‘oodle” dogs/puppies being euthanized because their owners got rid of it because they were conned into believing that they are ‘hypoallergenic’, which isn’t true for any dog.
She should surrender the puppy to a Poodle Rescue and never mind about getting any money for her.
Lisa: I’ m referring to the people that give away their pets for ‘free’ like they are disposable.
Thats whats wrong with that.
No good reasons include something like, they’re tired of a family pet, and want to get a new puppy, but get rid of the adult dog first.

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Answer by chriswswife
Well, this person, if they want this dog for a service animal should not be training at home but should go through CCI or some other organization… and honestly, if they can place this dog, then I’m glad because that puppy should have a home that loves it because it isn’t calm (for who it is)…

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