Question by beth rocks: How Do I Transition My Dog From Once a Day?
I have a 6 year old min pin. I got him in February – he was very well taken care of, but his owner moved to the west coast and was unable to take him. So, he is considered a “rehoming” as opposed to an “adoption.” He is in excellent health. However, when it comes to meal time, he is insane. I can’t even walk around the house without him always at me about and hour and a half before he eats. My neighbors leave dried food out 24-7 for their poodle and boxer/pit bull mix. They do not feed the dogs on a schedule. This allows them loads of freedom and their dogs are fit. Is it possible to transition my dog to this style of eating? If so, how do I do it????

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Answer by dogsplusme
|I have rescued and rehomed hundreds of minpins and I can tell you that you should never free feed a minpin. They would eat until they exploded.

Feed your dog twice a day and give him snacks in between. Sting beans are a great snack for them as they really fill them and they are not fattening. I also feed raw baby carrots.

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