Question by Monica M: Will any of these make our First Lady proud?
Mrs. Obama wasn’t proud of our Nation until her hubby got nominated for President. I wonder which of these things, which happened after President Obama took office, would make Mrs. Obama proud:

Would it make Michelle Obama proud:

*That her husband just sold out the people of Eastern Europe to Dictator Vlad Putin?
*That the people of that region, who were supposed to be celebrating the anniversary of their revolution and freedoms, are tonight staring blankly, questioning how this could be, sobbing in groups, clinging to children and praying out loud?
*Are ya proud today….after shutting down block after block during Wash DC rush hour traffic, causing massive delays for people just trying to make it home to their families, closing walkways, needing dogs to sniff out entire streets and parking lots, buildings, etc….SO THAT YOU COULD BUY SOME KALE? (so much for caring for the little guy).
*That your hubby sent Valerie Jarrett to REPRESENT our Government, to an ISNA Islamic groups hate-fest, joining in and celebrating the anti-semitic hate-speeches and denials that the holocaust ever happened?
*That you sat there today and shed tears as you thought back eight years ago when one of your daughters became ill and you stated: “the first thing I thought of was: gee, I am so glad we have good insurance”. HOW ABOUT saying how “glad” you were at the fact that you got to a doctor right away? How about how happy you were that the E.R. was available to you right away? How about the top-notch care you got from American medical services? How about being glad that your daughter was given the best medications?

Because frankly, this democrat who VOTED FOR OBAMA, is disgusted thoroughly…..and even a bit ashamed tonight.

Best answer:

Answer by Lizella J
She’ll be most proud of pulling the plug on your grandma with Obama Care.

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