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What Are the Costs Associated With Owning a Dog?

Anytime you buy a dog there is an investment, you have a purchase price, medical bills and ultimately funeral costs. Knowing and understanding what it takes to devote your financial resources to your dog will greatly help you to decide what breed of dog to own. Consider all the types of breeds, there are more than 150 of them, some require incredible amounts of money to keep but there are some that you can profit from if they are AK (American Kennel) registered.

Upstart for a Dog

Choosing which dog to purchase often starts with a family decision. Ideas are brought forth due to neighbor’s dogs or dogs seen on television. Understanding how much a dog cost and where you buy it from makes a big difference. Puppies eat a lot of food and they need medical treatments to help keep them healthy, older dogs won’t require the same beginning cost but they need the same attention as a puppy. If you don’t have time or money to invest in all the items a dog will need then you might be caught off guard.

Pound or Kennel

One way to find a dog for less money than visiting a pet store is to look for one at the pound. Dogs are often playing in their pens and you can pet them or play with them while you talk with someone about the history of the dog. Pound dogs are less expensive and you will be helping save a dog from being put down. If you want to purchase a pooch from a registered AK owner or kennel you will have the ability to own a registered breed. Some people breed dogs and make a profit from it, that shouldn’t be the only reason you own a dog though.

Medical Bills and Insurance

Dogs need medical attention just like their owners. Dogs are more susceptible to accidents because of their curious nature. Bee stings, poisons and cold temperatures are just some of the potential dangers a dog faces. Maintaining a healthy coat is also important, smaller dogs have the benefits of dog clothes to keep them protected from stickers and bugs since they are closer to the ground. Insurance can also cover Veterinarian bills and help to pay for surgeries if needed. Not having insurance can drive up the cost of owning a dog if something happens. Some insurance is used to cover funeral costs.

What a Dog Needs To Be Happy

You will need plenty of room for them to run, you will need to fence your backyard and buy a dog house. If you don’t have a backyard then find a park but make sure to leash them. They also require plenty of food and may have to be put on a special diet at some point, heart worm treatments and regular checkups are required. Making them feel like part of the family helps and they also need lots of love to help them grow so they can protect you when you need it.

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