Question by bigwheels1031: What are your thoughts on Formula One’s “lucky dog” rule?
So at the time of the red flag three drivers were on the lead lap but the plan was to allow everyone to get their lap back before the restart. I am not a big fan of that. Why let everyone back on the lead lap during a safety car period? At least in NASCAR only one car gets its lap back at a time.

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Answer by Matrix-Redpill high
The rule was put in place a few years ago to encourage racing between front running cars. In years past there used to be, for example, three back-markers in between P1 and P2 positions. The lucky dog rule was put in place to eliminate back-makers slowing down following cars on the lead lap, preferably those that have a chance to pass the leader.

As stated early this morning on Speed TV. The rule actually causes the safety car to stay out longer than need be, as it sometimes takes the back-markers lots of time to make their way to the back.

It’s one of those catch 22 things.

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