Dog?s Behavior Problem: How to Stop Your Dog to Snap at Other Dogs

Dog behavior can be difficult to understand, especially for pet owners. Some dogs will chase each other all over the street, sniff each other’s bottoms, and then do a few nasty things that may or may not result in a litter of pups. Other dogs will growl at other dogs, bare their teeth, and then snap at other dogs. The latter behavior can be disconcerting to pet owners who are fond of walking their dogs, but who are afraid of alienating themselves from other pet owners who have less aggressive canines.

Dog breeders and owners describe this canine-canine war as dog aggression, which is technically a dog’s intent to do harm to another dog. Dog snap at other dogs is only one display of aggression, and it comes in the category of loud barking and growling at other dogs. Dogs show aggression not so much because they want to hurt another dog, but because they are defending themselves from potential harm. Such defense tactics are undertaken by dogs to gain a higher status over a potential rival, or simply because of built in instincts or traits that make them feel that they are dominant versus other dogs. Some dogs may also develop hormonal imbalance, prompting them to exercise dominance over other dogs by showing dog aggression.

Aggression is common, although some breeds such as bulls and terriers are more likely to display aggression as they age. If a dog starts off life as an abused or attacked pup, then he may be fearful of other dogs and thus exercise defense-based aggression or snap at other dogs. In particular, dogs can be aggressive toward dogs or objects that resemble anything that threatened or attacked them in the past. If your dog snap at other dogs, therefore, may simply be a sign that your dog is defending his or her territory, or is remembering something in his or her past.

If your dog continues to snap at other dogs, then you might want to take a look at the following tips to help you control your dog. If all else fails, take your dog to the vet or a canine behavior specialist for more information on how he or she can be made less aggressive or harmful.

– When dogs lack exercise, they can have a lot of pent up energy, and can actually be more emotionally and mentally unstable. Take your dog out often and make him or her exercise by jogging together, or by playing fetch in the park. This can allow your dog to use up all the energy that he or she has, giving him or her less time and resources to snap at other dogs.

– If you have a puppy, discipline him or her and start him or her on a disciplined life without abusing him or her. A well-disciplined dog is less likely to do harm, and certainly less likely to snap at other dogs.

– If you prefer a dog that is docile and quiet, then you might want to select a breed beforehand that is not prone to snap at other dogs or other forms of dog aggression. Choose toy dogs or retrievers if you have little time to undertake any disciplinary measures. If you are an experienced breeder or trainer, however, then go for terriers and bulls, but be sure to instill discipline early.

– Act as a dominant owner. If a dog senses that he or she is dominant in your house, or the seeming owner of it, then it can turn itself into the alpha dog and establish itself as the leader of your pack. It can then think that it has the license to snap at other dogs and display aggression.

– As much as possible, keep only one dog at home. The more dogs you have, the more defensive your dog will become, and the more likely he or she is to display aggressive behavior or snap at other dogs.

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