Question by Bordeaux: Have you had a dog with Demodetic Mange?
My dog was diagnosed with demodetic mange this afternoon. He had bad “allergies” since he was adopted from the local shelter last December, but it was only now, 10 months later, that we got to a proper diagnosis. The vet finally decided to do a skin scraping after all the other treatments failed. The dog was on Temaril-P (which contains steroids that further weaken the immune system) for maybe about 6 months with no improvements of the itching, redness, and recently, hot spots.

The treatment is Ivermectin (oral) once a day for up to 10 weeks, plus Cephalexin for the secondary skin infection, plus weekly pyoben baths.

Have you ever had a dog with this problem? How long did it take you to see any improvements in the dog’s condition? Is there anything you recommend to boost his immune system (safe and sane, please).


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Answer by Tsunami
it can take a year for it to be cured.

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