Question by Kibble is King of all Crap: If a dog being fed raw is at risk for parasites, does Revolution help kill those parasites?
Revolution is a flea and heartworm preventative but also:

“Besides heartworm and fleas, selamectin can be used to manage intestinal roundworms and treat sarcoptic mange. As well, Revolution works on ear mite infestations. It usually takes just a single application (to the skin, not the ears) to kill ear mites.”
Bindi.. parasites are in raw meat sometimes, and if a human or animal consumes that meat then they will get parasites. So yes, parasites or worms can come from food.
Birddog.. I don’t like the fact we use pesticides at all but the fact is, heartworm is a threat and there is no other way around it that would ensure your dog doesn’t get it. There are natural insect repellents but they are not as effective as the pesticide stuff. This is a personal decision to use Revolution. Some raw feeders don’t use anything at all and their dogs live long healthy lives. I want to err on the side of caution.

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Answer by ξ Bindi § Say no to HR669
A dog being fed raw is at no more risk for parasites than a kibble fed dog.

Kibble is not sterile. I can’t count the recalls on commercial foods and treats to due salmonella. But the foods are recalled because of the risk to people.

Also worms do not come from food, they come from the environment.

Bacteria, yes, worms no. You’re talking about a wormer here and worms do NOT meat, except a select few and then only in underdeveloped countries. None of which Revolution would take care of they were present anyway.

Also most meat is frozen before you buy it which kills parasites and slows bacteria growth.

Yes there are some parasites that can be in food, but not the ones you are thinking of. So no Revolution will not kill those.

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