Symptoms of Dog Allergies

Every Dog is unique and it is sometimes hard to know and determine the exact cause of food intolerance or dog food allergies because many other problems can also cause similar symptoms such as environment, disease, flea and insect bite, parasite, yeast or bacterial infections etc. Dog can have allergy from difference type of foods. There are many research which proven that chicken, beef and eggs can cause more reaction than other types of food.

For one thing remember that the chemical that causes a dog allergy usually comes from their saliva and not their skin. This is unlike a cat allergy, which is usually triggered by cat hair and dander. A dog’s saliva contains albumin, which causes an allergic reaction in many. So obviously the first thing you need to do when you have a dog allergy is keep the dog from licking your hands and face! When the dog licks themselves this sticky protein is deposited on the hair along with dead skin cells.

Skin allergies are very common in dogs. Skin diseases in dogs such as ear infections and allergies, are some of the most common health problems in dogs. Skin irritation usually shows up around the eyes and mouth, armpits, stomach, and anal area.

Dog allergies are not nearly as easy to diagnose as human allergies. Typically, there is not an allergy specialist for a dog to visit. In addition, when there is an allergy specialist available, the problems the dog may be exhibiting may be the result of thyroid disease. This disease is frequently the culprit in poor skin health.

Common signs and symptoms of dog allergies include your dog licking her paws, scratching her body or pawing at her ears (due to inflammation). In severe cases, you dog may have oozing hot spots on her body. Allergies may be seasonable or your pet may suffer all year round, depending on the allergen.

Generally speaking, poodles shed less hair and dander, and therefore cause fewer allergy symptoms. The fact that these small dogs are frequently bathed may be one reason why people with dog allergies have few symptoms with owning this breed. A number of medications can also help relieve the symptoms of allergies.

The allergens become airborne as microscopic particles which, when inhaled into the nose or lungs, can produce allergic symptoms. It is worth mentioning that the same source may be worsening your own allergy symptoms, so taking care of it would make life easier for both you and your pet.

A dog allergy is just one of the allergies you might be suffering with that are environmental. Keep the dog dander to a minimal in your home. Run a HEPA filter in each room and use a vacuum with a HEPA filter. Vacuum at least once a day and don’t forget to vacuum in the vents where hair, dander, and dust gather. Also vacuum the furniture. HEPA filters make a huge difference.

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