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The best place to find an almost unlimited list of dogs’ names and the most popular dogs names is the Internet. Some sites have over 2000 names listed and there are others where you can find the meaning of the name. The best thing about searching online for the lists of names is that they are free and you don’t have to pay any money unless you want personal service t o help you choose the right name for your dog or if you want to purchase a book. The names are listed alphabetically and there are many names beginning with each letter. You can shorten the time you spend searching for the perfect name by looking for the names that are most popular with dog owners of different breeds.


You can also search by popularity of male and female dog names or by names for puppies. Other search categories include cute names, unusual names, Disney names, historical names and dog names based on books or movies. When you look through the lists of names available, you should have a notepad and pen handy so you can jot down names that you like. Then you can go through your list to help you make your selection.


According to statistics the most popular names for male dogs are:

1. Jake

2. Max

3. Buddy

4. Bailey

5. Sam

6. Rocky

7. Buster

8. Casey

9. Cody

10. Duke

11. Charlie

12. Jack

13. Harley

14. Rusty

15. Toby

16. Murphy

17. Shelby

18. Sparky

19. Barney

20. Winston


The most popular names for female dogs are:

1. Maggie

2. Molly

3. Lady

4. Sadie

5. Lucy

6. Daisy

7. Ginger

8. Abby

9. Sasha

10. Sandy

11. Dakota

12. Katie

13. Annie

14. Chelsea

15. Princess

16. Missy

17. Sophie

18. Bo

19. Cocoa

20. Tasha


There are several things that all these names have in common. They are all easy to say and consist of only two syllables. They are all English dog names as well. If you would like to have a name for your dog from another language, you can also search through French, Spanish and Italian dog names. The problem with this is that although you have the spelling of the name, you may not have the correct pronunciation. A popular name for a dog in French is “Beau”, which means handsome. However, it is pronounced like the English name “Bo”. Drogo is an appropriate French name for a male dog because St. Drogo is the patron saint of dogs.


If you have a dog of German origin, such as a German Shepherd, you might want to have a look at the most popular German dog names. Popular names in this category include:

1. Adler

2. Adrian

3. Altar

4. Annette

5. Berta

6. Bettina

7. Elsie

8. Fritz

9. Luther

10. Rudolf


All of these and many more are easy to pronounce. Whichever name you finally choose it should be one that not only fits well with the dog but it should be one that you like because you will be using it quite often.

For a huge database of popular dog names as well as cute dog names and other pet names visit http://www.Names-For-Dogs.Co.Uk

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