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Cute Clones

Image by jurvetson
Different ages, but cloned in Korea from the same deceased mother.

They have no father, but three mothers contributed to their birth: Missy for DNA, another for an embryo (and mitochondrial DNA), and a third surrogate mom for implantation and fetal development.

Because of their random estrous cycles, dogs are among the most difficult animals to clone.

MissyToo was full of beans. I first saw her “sister” with Lou in a canoe on Echo Lake.

They dropped by for lunch today, just as a "news" item broke of three human clones living in Eastern Europe.

Opinión / 意見

Image by * Cati Kaoe *
Ultimamente a mi perro le dio por comerse el diario para llamar la atención.. (y eso q esta viejote ya)..
O quizas no le parece bien lo que sale en las noticias =P
si quieren ver a mi perro:
Aqui o AQUI XD!!

A Howler

Image by TBSteve
Time for a tune up?

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