Question by a gal and her dog: Dog training class requiring “training collar” – what do you think?
They haven’t met my dog, and didn’t specify what kind of training collar was required. My dog is rather sensitive to corrections, except on-leash ones.

What do you think?
The class is intermediate obedience, and my dog isn’t too sensitive to light corrections (quick tug on the leash, verbal “no” corrections). I took her for a test run with the choke chain (it was pictured in the brochure with correct instructions) last night and she was fine. If I can find the Martingale we used before I lost it, I think I’ll go with that. Thanks everyone!

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Answer by divemasterme
NO! that could be either a shock collar or a choke collar! There are much much better ways to train your dog that by harming him, run far far away from that trainer!

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