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The Westminster Dog Show at Madison Square Garden is the top dog show in the country and this is a great place to show your pure bread dog. The Westminster Kennel Club has had this show since 1887 and there is always a best in breed which is the best of one dogs class winning out among other dogs in there breed. After they have the best dogs in each class then they choose the “Best in Show”, which is the best dog out of all classes. They pick this dog against its own breed and what the dog should look and act like. They do not compare the dogs against other breeds when they choose a winner.

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The Westminster Dog Show is now such a popular show that millions of people watch it. There are usually a lot of famous dogs and in some cases famous owners and breeders as well. If you want your dog to compete in the best dog show in the world then this is the cream of the crop.

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These are the seven classes of dog breeds that show at in NYC. The Hound, The Terrier, The Non-Sporting, The Herding, The Sporting, The Working , The Toy Class. To move on to the final round then you must win your individual class first then you can go to the final round where they will pick a winner in “Best in Show”

This is a good way if you are interested in a dog to get great information about different dog breeds and what there original purpose was. Also you will find that the Westminster Dog Show at Madison Square Garden is one of the most entertaining dog shows you will ever watch.

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