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When the owners are moving out from a city to other, they either take the dogs with them or just leave them to the mercy of the rescue and shelters. It is sad when the dogs become homeless and there is nobody to take care of them. When the owner of the dog is dead, the other family members are not interested in keeping the pet and send it to shelter or rescues.

There are many dog rescue homes across the world. These shelters are managed by volunteers willing to take care off the dogs. They rescue these dogs and the try and find foster homes for the abandoned dogs. This way of interacting with the dogs allows the volunteers to interact with them and get to know the breeds of the dogs a little more. This interaction also help the volunteers get to know more about the kind of temperament of the dogs. Some of the foster parents of the dogs also try and provide some basic training to the dogs.

Most of the times, older dogs are bought to the rescue. The puppies are generally not abandoned. These dogs are bought to the rescue with a known history of their health. We list here some of the benefits of you getting a dog from a rescue or a shelter.

In case you are thinking of getting a dog which is already trained, neutered, and spayed, a dog from the rescue is the best option. As these dogs are given basic training. The dogs are maintained well, during their stay at the shelter. The volunteers working at the shelter are also well versed with the breed and temperament of the dog. In short they can give you a best choice.

The dogs from the shelters cost you less, when compared to the buying the dogs directly. These dogs have all the vaccinations updated. They are given vaccinations for parasites, fleas, and heartworm before you adopt them. You don’t have to spend time and money for getting the dog checked and vaccinated again.

You are also dong your bit of community service when you are buying a dog from the rescues or shelters. The income from the sale of dogs is not used for any commercial purposes but it is used for maintaining and managing the dog shelter facility. The money is used to pay the fees of the veterinary doctors. It is used to provide improved food, shelter and vaccination to the dogs. The money is also used to advertise and find new owners to the abandoned dogs.

In case you are looking for a dog of particular breed, then the dog shelter is the best option. You will get professional and timely help to buy a dog. As the volunteers and the doctors working with the dog shelter are trained to give the best advice to the foster parents of the dog. You may also consider volunteering for the nearest dog shelter, or even become a foster family for a dog.

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