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It is really sad to think of the number of dogs being put to sleep because they are battered, abused or simply unwanted.  These include a great number of dogs that would make excellent house pets and companions for someone.  When you think of getting a dog, why not consider one of these poor animals that are destined to die if no-one saves them.

Many dogs are abused by their owners, through lack of care (not getting enough food or water even) or through simple neglect (simply being tied up and left in a backyard and forgotten).  These poor creatures are starved not only for the essentials of food and water, but for companionship as well.  Sometimes caring neighborhood people will notice these neglected animals and report the owners to the SPCA or other animal agency. 

In severe case, the SPCA will take the animals away and try to rehabilitate them into becoming adoptable.  Sometimes the animals can be saved in this manner, but too many times the dogs are beyond help and are tragically put to sleep.  The SPCA only has so much funding and resources for these poor neglected creatures. They can only do a fraction of what really needs to be done to help these animals.

Dog rescues work in somewhat the same way in that they try to rehabilitate the dogs into becoming adoptable and try to find homes for them, but they are often breed specific.  For instance, there are dog rescues that are specifically for Boxers or for Pit Bulls or for any other specific breed. 

One type of dog rescue that you may not know about is for Greyhound dogs.  Typically Greyhounds are bred for racing.  When they become older and cannot run as fast, or start to lose races, these dogs are often discarded by the owners because they are not profitable anymore.  A dog rescue geared for Greyhounds will take these animals under their care and try to find suitable homes for them. 

Other dog rescues will take animals that have been abused and are somewhat disabled.  The SPCA often will not be able to find homes for these types of dogs because most people don’t want to bother looking after a pet that may need a bit more care.  Dog rescues will help find homes for these disabled animals as well.  Recently there was a case of a totally blind Boxer that needed a home, and a Boxer dog rescue centre was able to place him with a loving family.  If that family had not taken that dog, he may have been euthanized.  Instead, he is able to live a good life with a family who has gained a lovely companion.

If you are thinking of getting a dog, you may want to check out the dog rescues in your area.  Often you will be able to get a breed of dog that you like (for a lot less money than paying for a pure-bred puppy).  You will get a loving pet and you will also have the satisfaction of knowing that you have probably saved a dog’s life. 

Choose life for a battered, abused or unwanted dog.  Check out the dog rescues in your area and save a dog.





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