Dog Breeders and Puppy Farms: Money Over Morals

The breeding and selling of puppies is big business, both in the UK and abroad. But if you are thinking of spending hundreds of pounds on a pedigree puppy then please think again! Details from the latest Dogs Trust survey show that a staggering 107,228 stray and abandoned dogs were picked up from UK streets in 2009. Despite huge efforts from animal welfare organisations, charities and local councils, on average 12 stray and abandoned dogs an hour are now handled by local dog pounds.

According to the report, each hour:

> 5 dogs are reunited with their owners
> 3 are taken to welfare organisations
> 1 is rehomed from the Local Authority kennels
> 2 are in kennels for their seven day holding period
> 1 dog is put to sleep

So of the 107,228 dogs picked up in the last year, around 9,000 remained unclaimed and were put to sleep for want of a home.

Despite these rather sobering figures, dogs continue to be overbred and farmed because the demand exists. Huge profits are involved and dogs will suffer and die until consumers make a stand. Puppy farms are places of horrible cruelty to mother, father and pupps. Though you may not think your puppy originated in a farm, if you bought him from an advert in the newspaper, the internet, a pet shop or superstore, these outlets are all to often supplied by puppy farms. And even if he came from a recognised breeder or maybe even a family friend, you have to ask yourself how responsible it is breeding dogs considering the figures above. Money too often comes before morals!

Dog rescue centres nationwide are overflowing with friendly and affectionate dogs hoping for a second chance. It is a myth that rescue dogs are aggressive and not suitable for family life. Rescue dogs arrive in shelters for all sorts of reasons and many have excellent temperaments. They come in all breeds, shapes, ages and sizes. They will have been assessed by their rescue centre who will have a good idea about their personality and ideal home.

Far too many dogs are bred for a quick profit and sold without any consideration for their future welfare. With so many wonderful dogs facing death in pounds, please consider dog adoption when searching for your new four legged friend.



Abbie runs a popular UK dog rescue website promoting overlooked dogs for adoption in rescue centres nationwide.

A short documentary on dog pounds in Ireland.

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