Lost Dog: 11 Ways you Can Prepare in Case your Dog Gets Lost

Lost Dog: 11 Ways You Can Prepare In Case Your Dog Gets Lost

The unfortunate risk we have when raising a lovably dog is the fact that sometimes they do run away and get lost. It’s not a scenario we want to think about, but it is always wiser to be prepared for such an incident.

First of all, before you begin combing the neighborhood looking for your dog, make sure he is not trapped or hiding somewhere in your home. A small dog may be napping somewhere sight unseen. Bring along a smelly treat or favorite noise-making toy to get a hiding dog’s attention. Once you have determined that your dog is missing, follow these steps to find him.

1. Make copies of your dog’s photo with his name and your phone number.

2. Talk to neighbors and leave a copy of the mini poster with them.

3. To entice your dog to come home, place articles of clothing with your scent on them outside your house. Place some of your dog’s bedding and some special foods with the clothing.

4. Call local veterinarians and emergency clinics in case your dog was injured and taken for treatment.

5. Shelters are often required by law to hold dogs for a certain number of days for owners to claim them. Contact shelters in your area in case someone found your dog and turned him over to a shelter. Make daily shelter visits to view the animals yourself; occasionally, shelter staff will not be aware of new animals that have arrived.

6. Post fliers of your dog in businesses and shops within a one-mile radius of your home or where he was lost.

7. Place an ad in your local newspaper and check the pet lost and found sections daily.

8. Call the Notional Lost Pet Hotline or the National Found Pet Hotline

9. Contact the on-line Missing Pets Network, a virtual linking of web sites provided by the U.S.

Department of Agriculture, where you can post a notice of a lost pet. In most cases your post will appear on the web site within 24 hours.

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