Don’t Let Your Pooch be Harmed by Heartworms

Heartworm is one of the most serious conditions a dog can get and due to the fact that this condition affects the heart, it can be fatal. An internal parasite causes heart damage in this condition and a dog can literally fall dead without having displayed any obvious symptoms and this is why it is important to have your dog on preventative heartworm medication.

Heartworms can be present in your dog without causing any obvious symptoms until it is too late, so you should be especially aware about your dog’s general health to detect any sign of this dreaded disease. If you dog seems sick or is acting abnormally you should take him to the vet for a thorough checkup. You should also have your dog routinely checked by the vet on a regular basis in order to detect any potential problems as early detection usually results in a positive prognosis in most cases.

One of the most common symptoms of heartworm is coughing. A dog affected with heartworm will often suffer from a soft, dry cough. This is because heartworms travel to the dog’s lungs and begin multiplying there, causing irritation to the lung tissue and veins.

Heartworms also infest the heart and left unchecked, they will travel to all the animal’s vital organs such as the lungs and liver. They clog important veins and arteries and cause system shut down and organ failure in the dog, resulting in extreme pain and in many cases death.

If your dog coughs a lot and shows intolerance to exercise and any physical exertion this could be a sign that he has heartworm. If you notice a sudden decrease in your dog’s activity levels you should take him to be tested for heartworm by your vet.

Heartworms weaken the animal’s heart muscle resulting in pain and the inability to exert any physical effort, the dog becomes reluctant to move and refuses to play or even move around the house much.

Many dog owners display complacency when they see their dog’s activity level decrease or if their dog begins to cough and sadly many symptoms displayed in dogs can be a number of things so it can be difficult to diagnose heartworm disease in a dog, but there are tests your vet can perform that can help diagnose whether or not your dog has heartworm disease. Delaying diagnosis and treatment puts your dog at risk as the damage done by this terrible disease can be irreversible if neglected.

Never try to medicate your dog for heartworm disease without the direction of a vet, heartworm medication given to an infected dog can cause even more damage. Veterinarians are trained and experienced to deal with diseases and you should never attempt to administer medication to your pet yourself or you may end up killing it.

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