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Rescue Dogs – The Doggie Super Heroes!

Rescue Dogs – The Doggie Super Heroes!

Heroes have always been a part of our life, but how many times have you had something other than a person being your hero?? Mostly it’s just someone who is your hero. Have you ever had a dog be your hero??

Rescue dogs that are specially trained have for a very long time been the only way to reach to survivors in earthquakes, fires, floods and other major disasters. Their keen sense of smell has made them very useful.

Rescue dogs are hard working and coupled with their keen sense of smell have proven to be very useful. They are very loyal and obedient as well and expect very little In terms of returns. Mostly it is just a special treat, a hug or even just a little play session that keeps them going. They go to places fearlessly where humans fear to tread.

There are a variety of breeds of dogs that make good rescue dogs. Some breeds tend to be better at rescuing than others. In the case of Bloodhounds, they are known for their prowess and can uncover criminals easily. Newfoundland dogs are good at rescuing in avalanches and Labrador retrievers make great cadaver dogs. To become a great rescue dog, any dog needs to work on the tracking scent. With that they can easily recover easily. Golden retrievers, German shepherds and Belgian Malinois are good at this.

Each rescue dog runs through an extensive set of evaluative activities before it is allowed to work on the scene. It is trained to detect scents and the development of its skills happen through regular sessions. The dog will track the scent from skin cells which tend to flake off from the human body. The flaking skin cells float and land on the ground as the person moves on. In the case of water, the cells float to the water surface if the person is underwater.

The people who train these great canines are special volunteers who have a penchant for training dogs and love spending time outdoors. They take great pride in the fact that they can train and communicate with these rescue dogs. These people normally are from a rescue team like SWOSAR or SOSARD and are called up by the local police departments to help in scent tracking. They are often called up to remote locations where bad weather and rough terrain is more suitable for a dog to search in. they go around on search and rescue missions looking for missing children, lost fishermen, accident victims and hikers who may have got caught in some danger.

Another type of dog is the one which specializes in structural incidents. These dogs known as air scenting dogs can track scents from the air and are used where human searchers may have contaminated the air previously. These dogs are unsung heroes in the eyes of the people who have been rescued by them.

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what song should i put on my “stop dog abuse” video?

Question by moon: what song should i put on my “stop dog abuse” video?
i was thinking > in the arms of the angel.. what do you think

Best answer:

Answer by Someone
if you want to make people cry then yes, put arms of the angel

i cry every time I see that commercial 🙁

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

Dog Treats to Encourage and Train Your Pet

Dog Treats to Encourage and Train Your Pet

Just like some dog owners like to go through tons of dog names to find the one that suits their dog the best, similarly, dog treats should be only selected after careful consideration of their nutritional and quality values.

The one name you choose out of the many dog names, speaks as much about you, the dog owner, as it does about your pooch. Not only do dog names depict your relationship with your, but they also convey how much the dog matters to you. If you care for your dog, then you will always be careful about his/her well-being and good health. Dog treats are an important part of your dog’s diet. Though dispensed with only on special occasions, dog treats are a source of nutrition, taste, and pleasure for your dog.

Rewarding your dog with dog treats every time he/she does as told can have long-lasting and beneficial effect on the animal. An important aspect of dog training is to reward the dog with gourmet dog treats every time he obeys your orders. Many dog trainers also dispense with dog treats while teaching dogs how to respond to dog names, dog commands and similar things.

Nowadays, completely natural and gourmet dog treats are gaining popularity so much so that many dog owners even bake healthy and nutritious dog treats for their pooches right at home. More and more dog owners are finding that dog treats made from ingredients similar to those used in human food offer a satisfying choice from the commercial brands of dog treats available in stores. Moreover, if you believe your dog’s health is mostly dependent on his diet, you will be quite satisfied with the latest all natural dog treats. These treats are not just delicious, but are nutritious and look great too. The minute your dog smells the treats in your hand he’ll pretty much do anything you want him to!!

Dog treats are no longer limited to dog biscuits, just like dog names are no longer mean Maggie or Max. Today, you can take your dog to special bakeries that cater to only domestic pets such as dogs and cats. You with your dog can together browse through the range of dog treats that are on display. Dog treats here include hide, brownies, tarts, and of course, biscuits.

If you are not fortunate enough to have such gourmet bakeries for pets in your neighborhood, then you can hook on to the internet and browse the many online gourmet dog treat bakeries. These bakeries provide natural, free of preservatives, and tasty dog treats packaged in small plastic bags that even make excellent gifts if you have friends who have pet dogs. If your dog is overweight or suffering from diabetes, you can opt for low calories dog treats!

Finally, as with dog names, going overboard with dog treats can be detrimental to the health of your invaluable pet dog! So make sure you never give him more than 10% of his regular diet as dog treats per day.

If you need further information on for dog treats including natural and gourmet types visit our on line store. We also have a great area for dog names for all types of breeds.

Cool “family Dog” images

Check out these family dog images:

family dog

Image by Señor Lebowski
detail from a vintage poster for a Grateful Dead concert in San Francisco, 1969.
"May the baby Jesus shut your mouth and open your mind"

Coco-the family dog

Image by Lauren Powell-Smothers

Dog “Rescue” center problems….anyone else have these problems trying to save a Dog from Death? I’m so angry!

Question by COOKIE: Dog “Rescue” center problems….anyone else have these problems trying to save a Dog from Death? I’m so angry!
My History – over 13 years My Hubby & I have rescued 4 English Pointers from Hunters who wanted to kill them because they were ‘gun-shy’. All 4 have lived over 11 years. Which is old for dogs. Our oldest we had to put down last year after 2 surgeries. We have one dog left & have been attempting to adopt from ‘rescue’ centers. They either don’t return emails or phone calls or have these idiot rules. We attempted to adopt an 8 month old puppy that was kept in a barn silo for her life. With no phone call or other email, they rejected our applications because “I” smoke. Here the dog has been in a silo for 8 months. We are offering them love, life, a companion, food, warmth, shelter and happiness in a non-abusive home and with no other inquiries said ‘no’ because I smoke. I could’ve lied…but I didn’t. Our other four dogs lived long happy dog lives. Now this morning, after 2 weeks of phone calls with another rescue center…..
and having the required ‘home check’ done. I finally called the Rescue Center to find out the status and she pulls the ‘home check’ file and says…”Oh, your report says you have a beautiful home with a nice quarter acre yard. Perfect. Let me check on the status.” Then she comes back and says..”Oh, I’m sorry…the dog’s been adopted out.” I was so angry. So….I then when on line and found a breeder…which I didn’t want to do as we wanted to ‘rescue’ an abused unwanted dog to give it love and a family. But they gave me no other choice. Someone tell me what’s wrong with these people at these Rescue Centers? It’s like they really don’t want to adopt them out. So…..Sorry….for venting. Thanks for reading this far if you haven’t given me a ‘nasty’ answer for writing so much already.

Best answer:

Answer by Renate
I am at a loss. Any home is better than a silo. Keep trying and lie about the smoking. I have noticed most really nice humane pet people are fairly nut-so about some things.

Add your own answer in the comments!

Adopting A Dog ? Which Dog Is Right For You?

Adopting A Dog ? Which Dog Is Right For You?

When given the right care and affection, every dog is a good friend and the time and investment on them will be repaid several folds over. More than that, a dog’s life spans more than fourteen years that they invariably become members of the family. Outside of marriage, adopting a dog is your only chance to choose a family member. Because of our strong attachment to dogs, it is not enough to have just another dog. It is too easy to fall into that kind of trap. It is so easy to fall in love with a puppy that is giving you its puppy eyes and begging for adoption. People have different personalities, so have dogs. Since dogs change your lifestyle and will stay with you for a very long while, it is best to have a list of dog traits that will best compliment your personality because when adopting a dog, love at first sight may not be very good enough.  

Before going out to find a dog for adoption, consider a list of characteristics that you would want in a dog. Generally dog breed helps. There are two kinds of dogs, the mixed, and the purebreds. Dog breeds have characteristics and traits different from other dogs although remember that even a purebred will display characteristics entirely their own and which will only be recognized later as the pup is growing up. No matter, there is no negative dog characteristic that is not corrected by training.

Whether the choice is to go for the pure or the mixed bred, find a dog that matches your energy level, one that approximates your characteristic or one the one trait that you value most. If you have a family, consider the one that will generally match theirs too.

Love – All dogs love, but some dogs have the tendency to display their affection better than others do.

Gregariousness – There are dogs that are extra sociable that they are best suited for walks outside of the house.

Friendly – Dogs in general are friendly except sometimes with other dogs. There are dog breeds however that are more patient and do not get easily threatened by other dogs making them ideal for walks, hunting and the outdoors.

Fiercely loyal – This dog characteristic is best for people who need the calming assurance of loyalty around them.

Playful – Playful dogs are for people who want excitement and fun. Boxers and Retrievers are fine examples of very playful animals. If you do not mind a lot of running around and tail wagging, playful dogs should be on the top of your list.

Athletic – Dogs are almost similar in temperament to playful dogs although they are bred to be sturdier but not necessarily be as playful.

Docile – Dogs are typically obedient dogs.

Quiet – Dogs are dog breeds that rarely bark and are good for people who live in apartments and places where noise has to be kept low.

While these traits or at least a good mix of them are found in most dogs, the characteristics are dominant to particular breeds. Good sources for profiling a dog are pet shops, the Yellow Pages, and the internet.

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