Question by Cory Q: How am I supposed to teach my dog “tricks”?
I have taught my 4 month old labradoodle puppy, that we’ve just gotten a week ago, how to fetch and sit, and I’m trying to figure out a method to teach her to “sit pretty”, lay down (like with her paws straight out in front and her belly flat on the ground), and play dead. Does anyone experienced with training dogs have any methods for me to use??

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Answer by boo_boo5001
use treats and keep trying tell her one command she do it give her a treat till she gets it … it takes time but i would only do one command at a time till she get it with no prob then move to a norther one that how i got my now 9 month pup to do things and fetch well all i did was toss her toy she went a got it and i called her back to me and praised her till she got it down now all i have to do is tell her what toy to get and she brings them to me and we have lots of fun time but they need lots of praise when they have done good

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