Question by Kuri: Question about “Fake Pregnancy” in a Dog?
Ok so a few days ago we had my Shih-tzu fixed. About two days later she started acting weird! Panting alot, shivering, whining, cramming herself deep into blankets, etc. Anyways her stomach did look kinda swollen, but being that she just had surgery, I didn’t think too much about it, but called the vet just in case. I was told to bring her in and they told me that she was experiencing a “false pregnancy” because she was about to go into heat right before her surgery, so it confused her body! *WTH* I’ve never heard of such a thing. Question is…Anyone out there heard of this and want to give any advice, how long this will last, etc.

Please no Mean answers!! Thanks in advance!!

BTW- -she is an inside dog and has NEVER been with a male dog!!
Sorry walking lady didn’t mean to give you a bad rating!

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Answer by Chihuahuagurl
i have heard of it before, in people, horses, cats, so it happens a lot

i would think as long as the vet isn’t concerned, it will most likely correct itself…if you are worried i would call your vet and talk to them about it

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