Dog DNA Testing: How They Work

We can do different DNA tests to check for a child’s real father, so it does make sense that dog DNA testing is available for those who want to check their dog breeds. It might sound too crazy to be true, but there are many different dog breed test kits being sold online and in pet stores that promise to deliver accurate results in a few days.

Ever wondered if your Yorkshire Terrier has actually been crossbred with another toy dog? By using dog DNA tests, you can confirm if your little bundle of joy is a true blue purebred or if you’ve been duped at your local pet store. How does dog DNA testing work exactly? Read on to learn more about this innovative technology.

The Basics of Dog DNA Testing

Let’s go back to basic Science for a second. DNA, as we learned in school, is the blueprint of our entire being. Our DNA is composed of a series of molecule pairs and is unique to each individual, like a thumbprint. We get half of our DNA from our mom and half from our Dad. The DNA strands of dogs are quite similar to that of humans. Dog’s DNA are also composed of DNA strands from the mother and the father. Thus, puppies always display random traits from both parents.

A dog breed test examines the DNA found in the dog’s saliva and checks this against a database. The results will tell you what breeds are mixed in your dog’s DNA. All you have to do is swab your dog’s cheek with the supplied device, mail the sample back to the manufacturer of the dog breed test and wait for results.

Once the laboratory receives your dog DNA analysis sample, technicians put it in a solution that removes the cheek cells from the swab to reveal your dog’s DNA. The solution also allows the DNA to be copied into millions of bits needed for analysis (the “DNA markers”). The markers are then analyzed with information found in the company’s database, where they are compared with the information from thousands of purebred dogs. A special computer is used to obtain a high accuracy rate for the results.

The Importance of Dog DNA Testing

Your little furry friend won’t be able to tell you what kind of dog he really is or why he’s got brown spots all over his body, but reliable dog DNA testing can. Although most people think that DNA testing for dogs is unimportant, it gives you essential information that you can use to help your dog live a healthy and happy life.

Most people might use a dog breed test to make sure that the puppies they’re buying are as purebred as the sellers say they are. But you can also use this innovative test for other things. Some dog owners have had their dogs tested so they can discover and understand their pet’s different habits. You might not know, for instance, that little Lulu loves to swim because she’s part Labrador or that Foxy loves to run around and dig holes because he’s part Terrier. You can also use this knowledge to help in the training of your dog. Different dog breeds have different personalities, so you can develop training programs specifically suited to your pet. And, just as DNA testing can help you manage your health and wellbeing, dog DNA testing can reveal different potential health risks and wellness issues that can plague your furry friend.

Dog DNA testing might sound like something that could be read from a Science Fiction book, but this innovation has apparently become as important to dog owners as regular training and visits to the vet.

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