Question by Madison 3:16 Anderson Rhodes: In general, how long can a dog stay at a shelter? If it’s a “no-kill shelter” will it say it on it’s website?
Some of the dogs were at this place a good 2-3 years. I assume this means that the shelter is a no-kill shelter? In general…what is the limit? 5 years? or less? How do the “kill-shelters” work and why can’t they do anything else to make room for others? Why do they kill them off? Can’t they have a chain with other shelters and kind of move around the dogs? Maybe, someone in Jersey would take the dog from a nearby state. You know what I mean? Why do they do the last resort…as the first?

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Answer by •Poppy• -Aussies do it better-
It depends *entirely* on the shelter. The no-kill shelter in the town where I go to school keeps the dogs until they find homes; they just put them in foster homes whenever they can.

Some no-kill shelters, though, will keep the dogs for a certain amount of time (dependent on the shelter) and then they’re forced to ship them off to other shelters…some of which may be kill shelters.

Kill shelters will keep the dogs a certain amount of time, but again, it’s totally dependent on the shelter’s policies and how full they are.

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